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With or Without Kids, RWK guides you through the Eternal City with engaging stories, timesaving tips, step-by-step tours, and fun activities.

Scrambling around ancient ruins, climbing church domes, searching for gladiators — Rome with Kids is a blast! Where else can they discover secret passageways, ancient lie detectors, and creepy skeletons, fueling up with pizza and gelato as they go?

Whether spelunking the dark recesses of excavated church basements or catching the sun-lit spray of a crashing fountain, kids can feel the vibrant pulse of this world-class, hands-on city.

Revel in the glory of Roman Civilization without hearing “I’m bored” as an insider guides you through Rome with field-tested tours that tell you what to see and how to see it with children. Each sight comes to life with bite-sized stories, fun activities, and compelling treasure hunts. And just when you need them, you’ll find handy listings of nearby restaurants and cafes, plus other interesting sights and shops in your immediate area.

It’s all here in one revolutionary little guide:

  • Gorgeous color photos
  • Step-by-step walking tours and reference maps
  • Kid-pleasing activities and engaging stories, myths and legends
  • Where to find the gems of museum collections—before kids burn out!
  • Family-friendly restaurants and specially chosen accommodations
  • Where to shop, play, rent bikes, surf the Web and more

From The Author:

“Taking on the Eternal City can be bewildering. It can be downright frustrating, in fact, if you have to decode the sights with a bored, tired, whining child at the end of your wrist. It is my passionate wish that no one traveling with kids should have to stand in front of a bunch of ancient rubble and figure out what to make of it.

Since no other guide attempts to make the world’s greatest city fun for families, I’ve set out to share not only what you should see but also how you should see it. I’ve created tours that are short in duration but long on memories. I’ve packaged each with timesaving tips and a number of activities and engaging stories, myths and legends. I did not set out to provide yet another guide to Rome’s art or history. Instead, I’ve chosen to reconcile an adult’s desire to become immersed in the glories of this civilization with a child’s desire to run, dream, climb and explore.

To that end, I’ve sifted through some 3,000 years of Roman remains to focus on precisely those sights that should not be missed. You will see the best and most famous sights of Rome, but in a manner that will spare your children burnout and boredom. Step by step, I will guide you and your children to get the most out of each sight. I won’t take you anywhere that doesn’t hook your kids first. I won’t leave you anywhere without arming you with bite-sized observations, intriguing questions, compelling treasure hunts and unforgettable stories to share with your children.”
— J.M. Pasquesi

“Eternal City meets eternal youth in this smart, comprehensive guidebook …a travel gem.”
– Spencer Rumsey, NEWSDAY

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“I just received the book and am blown away. I just wish I could find one like it for every city we’re visiting.”
– California

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