Rome’s Colosseum Now Open At Night, Too!


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Touring Rome under the hot summer sun can sap energy fast, making a long dreamed of vacation seem more like a chore. Luckily, the Colosseum has announced new, extended summer hours! From June to September, It’ll be open at night, too –Tuesday through Saturday, 9pm-midnight.

To beat the hottest days,  try a visit to the Forum in the morning, then head inside — or underground. Take in a nice air-conditioned museum, or visit the equally refreshing ruins under San Clemente, for example. Or, take little ones home for a nap, and use the down time to recharge and prepare for the rest of your day.

Plan to tour the Colosseum after dinner, making your way to the monument along the Via Fori Imperiali, from which you can enjoy the beautifully lit forums. Bella!

Note: Each ticket is good for one entry to the Forum, the Palatine hill, and the Colosseum, so remember to save your tickets. They’re valid for  two days.

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