“Rome with Kids” Second Edition is on the way!


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Second Edition 2014

So much has changed in Rome, that we’ve printed a second edition packed with key 2014 updates. 

Rome with Kids: an insider’s guide, Second Edition — available in May, just in time for summer vacation!

What changed? A lot! Did you know, for example, that the Forum and the Palatine Hill are now a unified, combined archeological area? Your ticket now allows one entrance to  the Colosseum and one the Palatine Hill/ Roman Forum, where it used to allow 3 entries: one for each of the three sites.

Or, did you know you can skip the long Colosseum lines by buying tickets on your smart phone?

We’ve updated everything from essential site information to recommended hotels and restaurants. We’ve even re-designed the cover, so it’s easy to identify the new edition.

You can find RWK at bookstores and a host of Web sites such as Amazon.com,  and you can buy it here, direct from our site, at a discounted price. It will take a little longer to hit bookstores in Rome, but you will be able to download the e-book version from Kindle or Apple IBooks soon. We can’t wait to share it with you and get your feedback!

Meanwhile, if your travel plans mean you can’t wait for the new edition, we’re offering the out-of-date edition at a deep discount.

A presto!

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