Apartment, B&B, or hotel? Which neighborhood? Public transportation or private car and driver? Whether you need guidance on where to stay, how to schedule your days, or simply fine-tuning your activities and transportation, a private consultation can help you sort out the details for your perfect Roman holiday.

J.M. Pasquesi consults by the hour with a one-hour minimum fee. It works like this: With a few prompting questions, you tell us what you need. Then, we’ll send you a quote detailing time, services and fees up front. Upon agreement, invoices are sent via e-mail; consultations and recommendations are sent via e-mail along with a hard copy delivered by snail-mail.

  • Assistance with finding your ideal accommodations and location
  • Personalized sight recommendations based on your family’s ages and interests: Art, Architecture, Museums, Churches, Activities
  • Restaurant suggestions and special requests
  • Tailored planning and scheduling
  • Answers to your questions, big and small

To inquire, click here.

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