Reader Praises

Reader Praises

Readers Are Saying…

“My daughter (11) and I loved planning our trip with this book! It ended up being the only book we carried with us. The information was great with wonderful tidbits to keep the interest level high. We homeschool so this was our field trip, and the book was invaluable. Our copy has been our notebook and is full of written notes, highlighting, post-it notes, and drawings. Thank goodness the printing is such great quality. We wouldn’t part with it for anything!”
…Williamsburg, VA

“…I just received the book and am blown away. It is quite helpful and great! I just wish I could find one like it for every city we’re visiting.”

“[We used] your book as our main planning tool (with my wife and children, 8 and 6 yrs.). I thought it was excellent! Each of the tours was the perfect length, and the notes scattered throughout allowed us to appear very knowledgeable to our kids (and sometimes, also to other people nearby!) We loved our visit and especially loved that the kids enjoyed it—due in no small part to your book.”

“RWK was wonderful, and we weren’t with kids! The best guide book we had, it gave good tips on how to see the highlights without suffering museum fatigue…”

“…this book added enormously to [our] visit, particularly in Galleria Borghese and St. Peter’s. These are not necessarily places I would expect a 12-year old boy to enjoy but the book made them great fun…though it was not my first time around St. Peter’s, I also saw things differently and noticed things I had passed by before. The general advice is spot on…”
…Dublin, Ireland

“This is the MUST HAVE book for seeing Rome with kids. It’s like reading History of Rome for Dummies [because] it does not feel like you’re holding a textbook. It’s a bit of trivia, a bit of history, and a whole lot of fun.”
…Frankfurt, Germany

“…the games and ideas in this book will be brilliant to keep our almost 4 & 8 year old kids amused without them even realizing it! Some grateful parents!”
…Glasgow, Scotland

“I’m overjoyed! It’s exactly what we were looking for.”

“…simplified, but not dumbed down. It includes short biographies of nine key Romans from Augustus to Bernini, which is a brilliant way to connect kids (and adults) to the highlights of Roman history…full of kid-friendly tips on timing your visits, food, etc.”

“Don’t leave home without this book. RWK is just as important as obtaining your passport. It has everything you need to discover the delights of Rome at your own pace. I have lived in Italy, on and off, for over 30 years and, as I read this excellent book, I found new and interesting things to see and do. I give it 10 stars!”
…San Francisco

“Must Have Book for Families in Rome! I was amazed. [It] is great for kids of all ages, and that includes moms, dads, and grandparents. Loved the format.”

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